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About Me

Wealth Empowerment & Life Coach


I am a #1 bestselling author, a wealth empowerment coach and real estate investor. I am also a wife, mother and controller. 

My coaching helps women go from abdicating their financial decisions to actively participating in building the life of their dreams. 

For 20 years I have been a personal student of money and wealth creation. Since 2015 I have learned about real estate investing and how to create a portfolio of cash producing assets alongside my husband. Then in 2019 I began ACTIVELY educating myself and participating to create and manage cashflow positive investments through syndication.

My passion is to help other women become empowered around money and wealth creation. I passionately believes that every woman should confidently be able to call herself a wealthy woman and truly believe it. 

Raised in Wisconsin I now live in Nashville, TN with her husband and daughter.

simple & powerful is my motto

Connect with me to learn more about my 90 day coaching program by emailing

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