What if I told you that your present problem will bring you healing and happiness later?


Would you stay and fight? Or, would you give up because your pain feels unbearable?


In, “Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine: Stories to Empower Women to Win”, the authors discuss their past problems that presented pain appearing beyond repair. Although the authors could not see victory over their current situations; They kept going because someone else needed them to win.

In “Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine: Stories to Empower Women to Win”, the authors discuss their personal battles with:

• Unconscious biases and discrimination

• Identity crisis and self-doubt

• Rape and youth pregnancy

• Financial disparity

• Divorce and rejection

• Depression and post-traumatic stress

• Hopelessness and abandonment

• Silent Suffering and abuse


The authors are brave women who are telling their stories so that other women will know they are not alone in their struggles, so that young women will learn preventive measures from poor decision making, and so that women who are currently struggling will gain hope, inspiration, motivation and tips to apply in the middle of their challenges.

The authors they did not focus on their present problems and give up; They focused on solutions and someone they wanted to live for.


A Personal Note From Alison

You might think this title is a bit dramatic for money “troubles”. Would my lack of being financially stable really lead to my demise? Yes. 

Anyone who has lived in a shadow of their true life knows this is TRUTH.

In my early years I knew without a doubt that there was more. I was meant for more. The path, at times, seemed hazy and obscured, but I had to figure out this elusive thing called “wealth”.

Money is an emotional and personal topic. And yes, lack of money can lead to losing your life. Losing the life you dreamed of, the life you were created for, the life you are CALLED to step into.

I share my story to give you hope and inspiration. 


My passion is for every reader to find courage to keep pressing on towards the higher calling you know in your bones to be true.

Cheers to your wealthiest life,