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Are You a #superfan of Money?

Confession: I’m a cheesehead who forgets to be interested in football.

I was born and raised in WI. So, when people ask me if I am a Packer fan my response is, “I kind of have to be.”

But honestly growing up watching football, understanding the game and embracing the community and lifestyle of a “true” fan was not modeled or prioritized.

Fast forward – I now live in the south (TN, so not the deep south) where football is at least a pastime and at most a religion.

I still don’t really follow it.

In fact, I follow and know more about professional golf due to who I married. I still don’t understand everything about golf but even I can be impressed by some clutch shots.

I am not really a sports girl.

I am a money girl.

This morning I was thinking on how the two are related.

Outside of the obvious that you make a lot of money in professional sports as an athlete.

I am asking more about being a sports fan and being a fan of money.

How are those two related?

Off the cuff, I have 3 ways that being a sports fan and being a fan of money are related and should be related for every human.


Being a fan of something automatically builds #community. What do your co-workers talk about around the water cooler? What happened in sports. Or a TV show they all watch. Or in my dream reality, how they are investing and making their money make money. Common ground brings us together as people.

Where is your community around money, finance, investing? Who can you talk to about those things? And do you enjoy talking to them about this subject?

If not, find a better/different money community.


You are interested because you #understand what’s going on.

When you are really interested in sports you study the game, know the players, know what is happening in the games and tournaments. I think this is why there are entire TV channels called SportsCenter and The Golf Channel, right?

You love dissecting what happened, what could happen. Even re-watching footage of games or matches from years ago is fascinating to a fan. It is part of the excitement.

And it is only exciting because you understand what is going on or happened.

If you are not excited about money, perhaps it is because you do not understand how it works. With a little self-education, you might be surprised how interested you become.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being horribly uninformed and 10 being ready to conquer anything about money – where is your education level at?


You have an instant #connection with fellow fans.

When I see a fellow Packer fan, heck even a person with WI license plates in TN, I immediately feel a kinship with this person. Even though I am not a superfan of the Green Bay Packers, I find it relatable.

My husband went to OSU (Oklahoma State University) and whenever we see anyone sporting their gear its “pistols up” and “go pokes”.

We don’t know that person but we kind of automatically like them.

And when someone is speaking your money language, your ears perk up, and you automatically like them just a bit. They resonate with you.

Who are you connecting with over money in your current network?

Humans shouldn’t forget to be interested in money. Learning about finances should be a priority because it touches every human’s life. Pretty much on a daily basis.

It is important to master this tool and resource that is here to serve us and enable us to expand and make the world better.

If you fear money or have a “rocky” relationship with money I encourage you to delve into my questions above.

The road to becoming a #superfan of money does not happen automatically. You need to bring your unique perspective and intention to it.

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