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Are you Failure Fragile?

What this Summa Cum Laude graduate is just learning now 10 years after graduation.

So lately two podcasts have really gotten under my skin. One was entitled Failure Fragile and Success Grit and the other one was Employee vs Entrepreneur (links below)

These two podcasts are different in their main points but they both touched on how school prepares children who are naturally good students (good listeners, followers of directions and rules, etc) to just keep doing more of the same in our careers.

And this is not a debate on whether this is good or bad. It just is.

Correct answers are rewarded.

Incorrect answers are wrong.

We are basically taught to not fail.

Taught to not be wrong.

Furthermore, Entrepreneurship and innovation is not really taught in schools.

The main point that stuck with me is most high achieving people that have pursued traditional paths are not taught to fail. I think I have always known this because years ago my husband asked me to name something I failed at and I could not think of one single thing.

This led me to ask, have I blocked out times I have failed? Maybe.

Do I really succeed at everything I attempt? Of course not.

When I think failure, I think HUGE life altering and devastating. But what if failure comes in many shapes and sizes? What if not all failure is BIG?

I mean, of course, I have failed. Like that goal of running a sub 2-hour half marathon in 2014 and 2015? Nope. Didn’t do that. I think my PR is around 2:02 or something so close. But I don’t necessarily count that as a failure. Because it felt normal and safe and reasonable. Like I just slightly missed the goal.

My coach, Kristen recently declared on her podcast episode Goals: Part 1 that when setting goals we should expect there to be hiccups, failures and even (perhaps) some utter flops. Yes, our success is inevitable but that does not mean we will skip carefree into the sunset when pursuing goals.

So my closing question is – how can employers and employee work together to try on more failure?

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