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Business as Unusual

So here we are, adjusting to this new normal. Those that were social distancing/self-isolating two weeks ago (or more) are now finding out it is going to be longer. There is not really business as usual. In fact, life is a bit unusual these days.

So my question is – how are you handling it?

To my adrenaline junkie friends – is all the upheaval working in your favor, somehow?

To my routine loving friends – what is something you have done to bring “normal” back?

To my friends who love a good opportunity – what have you done with some extra down time at home?

Also – lets give a nod to all those who still have major life events occurring in the midst of so much uncertainty.

To anyone who has welcomed a new baby during this time – a good excuse to practice the 30-day confinement popular in Chinese medicine, perhaps.

To anyone who has missed an elderly loved one’s birthday or anniversary due to “lockdown” may your celebration and reunions be that much sweeter when you can resume normal activities.

To anyone who has had to adapt and attend a virtual funeral due to this – your grief is a whole new level of strange and may you find the comfort and help you need during this difficult time.

To anyone who has had to cancel or postpone a wedding, graduation or other major life event – you are seen and you will be celebrated, again with a much sweeter and joyous event then the previously scheduled one.

So – there you have it. We are all in a holding pattern of sorts but life also has a way of marching on. What a strange and wondrous trip this is.

Again, how are you handling it?

Tell me one surprising benefit of this new kind of normal life you have noticed.v

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