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Circle the Wagons

Lately we have used the term “circle the wagons” a lot in our house. We are preparing to face the next few months with uncertain income since commercial lending markets have temporarily frozen and that was a key revenue stream for our household. And, we are not alone. Almost every household in the US has been or will be impacted by the Corona virus pandemic.

We are healthy. And we are very thankful for that! But our health has more than a physical aspect, does it not? When we say “circle the wagons” we are talking about our financial health, primarily.

So let’s take a beat to bring awareness to something that touches everyone’s life, everyday.


The cheddar.

The bacon you bring home.

The dough.

Ok, so money is basically food! And we all need to eat.

Take stock and pay attention. Realize that no one is going to take a stronger interest in interest in growing your wealth than you.

So, everyone needs to do these 3 things today:

1. Take Inventory – where is your money? How much do you have? While we maybe don’t want to count chickens before they hatch we certainly need to count those chicks after they hatch. Know your numbers. Monthly income and expenses. And know your credit score too.

2. See the results of that inventory – how does your chicken count make you feel? What is going well? Where do you see room for improvement?

3. Set goals – where do you WANT to go? – Do you have goals that are specific & measurable? Saying “I want to be wealthy someday” is not a goal. As it is neither specific or measurable.

But saying “I am going to syndicate my own deal by the end of 2020” is a goal.

And that’s my goal. I’m excited to share this journey with you all and look forward to bringing many knowledge nuggets along the way.

What about you - after you have circled your wagons - where are your goals taking you?

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