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Cornerstone Thoughts On Happiness: What Are You Waiting For?

Are you deferring happiness unnecessarily?

Why can't you be happy right here, right now?

Will you be happier “someday”?

I hate to break it to you but someday is not an actual day on the calendar.

You may have heard it said, if you want better answers you need to ask better questions.

Three great questions to ask to be happier right now:

Is this serving me?

I hope I’m not alone in the struggle with this question. I first encountered it as I was getting into yoga and was in my late twenties. My knee jerk reaction to this question was, “this is so selfish. It’s not about me all of the time.”

Which *translation* means it should NEVER be about me.

But this is not a selfish question.

If you are not at your best it’s difficult to see, serve and help others. So why not design a life that supports and enables you to be at your best?

Borrowed from Gary Keller in The ONE Thing where he repeatedly uses a focusing question: what is the ONE thing that would make everything easier or unnecessary?

This has been a great question in our house, life and businesses.

Sometimes it is literally one domino that will make everything else fall into place. It does take work to identify it sometimes, but it is 100% worth learning to do this. It is freeing to think it could be just ONE thing that would create some massive momentum, isn’t it?

What thought am I choosing right now?

Realizing the link between our thoughts and our feelings has been HUGE for me. Pressing pause and getting back to what thought is causing you to feel a certain way is key. Follow up question to this question – do I want to keep this thought?

Do you want to keep thinking negatively about yourself, your spouse, that you made an irreparable mistake on that big business deal, etc?

Because it is totally up to you.

The power of choice.

It can lead to happiness now.

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