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Don't Discount Your Strengths

In fact, lean into those things you are good at and enjoy. And (perhaps) lean out or focus less on what you are NOT good at.

So there are two schools of thought on personal growth & development and I bet by the above statement you can quickly see which camp I fall into.

Camp 1 – focus on where you need to grow and improve. Get better at it.

Camp 2 – focus on what you are good at and enjoy. Get better at it.

Both end with the same action – get better at it.

But doesn’t the one path sound much more frustrating. And perhaps a little ridiculous? I am a terrible hairdresser because I have not been trained. I have exactly zero experience and skill when it comes to cutting hair. Should the social distancing of Covid-19 turn me into a self trainer hair stylist?

For the beauty, pride and sanity of my household, I think not.

The term “stay in your lane” can be freeing to some and limiting to others.

But there is power in restriction. There is clarity in a narrow focus.

Buckshot hits a lot of targets with a small impact. While an extremely focused rifle shot can kill.

Say yes to the good, defined and narrow action you need to take today to accomplish your goals.

My question this morning was “what one thing do I need to do today for X area of my life that will make the most impact?” Asked and answered for about 3 areas, so 3 main things to make the most impact today.

That’s it. Three things. And Gary Keller, author of “The One Thing” would argue that is 2 things too many!

So the key takeaway is - We can’t do it all. Nor should we try.

But as women I think most of us agree that we are SO tempted to at least try. And we do and it is exhausting.

So, I invite you to stop. Stop trying to be everything marginally and be the few things you are naturally gifted in.

Narrow your focus. Know your natural skill set.

Outsource everything else.

Free up the headspace to make the most impact with the proper focus.

After all, I believe each person was created uniquely on purpose to find their purpose.

What is a personal strength you have been discounting? How could focusing on that bless others?

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