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In These Uncertain Times

The truth is we have always lived in uncertain, uncontrollable times. It is just completely, almost ridiculously, heightened right now. There was (and still is) threat of a natural disaster. In fact, Nashville had a tornado around March 1st that left much damage to kick off new “safer at home” directive, issued this weekend, March 23rd.

We have always been one diagnosis, one phone call or one irrevocable event away from being devastated, scared and lost.

We were just not constantly reminded of how much we don’t have control over.

Now, every day we are forced to face so many things that we do not have control over. On top of “normal” life there are many new and changing stressors.

And while I do not claim to have any of this figured out here is what I can say for sure:

1. Love the people in your family/community – people are not replaceable. Money, cars, forfeited vacations, cancelled sporting events and concerts – these are all things that can be re-done and re-scheduled. Who can you do a better job of loving in word and deed?

2. If you are “stuck” at home use this gift of time to do some of those things you have been putting off. Read those books, learn a new skill (the internet is full or free tutorials), or organize or clean out a closet, drawer, or room. Trust me the feeling of controlling ANYTHING will be beneficial. Even if it is the spice rack!

3. Tune out negativity and unhelpful things. Turn on things that inspire, calm or encourage. Are you struggling to make space for stress relieving activities? Set a goal to do 5 minutes of one of the easiest yoga poses with many benefits – legs up the wall. Just like it sounds. Go here

for demo.

4. Notice and allow yourself to feel your emotions. Sometimes easier said then done but its totally okay to need to cry or admit when you are scared. Especially now. Acknowledging your feelings can give them less power than ignoring them.

And then realize there are big “C” Circumstances – you have no control over these and small “c” circumstances – something that is changeable – like the state of your disorganized home office or how you are choosing to show up and interact with your family during this challenging time.

What are some little “c” items you can address?

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