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Last Week - The Most Luxurious Time in History

A lot of things might feel like a luxury these days. A “normal” day is now a luxury. A day that used to seem so routine and perhaps rushed and frenzied with getting kids to school or fighting morning traffic for your commute to the office is now removed from our schedule for a lot of us.

What just a week ago was our normal has now been changed to something drastically different for the immediate future for most Americans. The new normal.

Now we are all faced to some extent with challenges to be creative with work, child care and just daily life. We are needing to make the most of our creative muscles in the days ahead.

As this change is new or perhaps still coming to some of you, here is a positive spin can we put on these uncertain times: back to “normal” is maybe not what we need.

On a group mastermind call last night the guest speaker was a hospital administrator who oversees 14 Dallas area hospitals and as much as he was there to encourage us and share some medical insight he also had a few sidebar points that I found interesting.

His tips were the following: Use this time to find delight in the new normal. He personally saw how the change was impacting (positively) his family’s routine to get them into more connection with each other.

Stay hydrated.

Eat a healthful diet.

Get adequate rest.

He also shared that there was no way we as a country could go through something like this and remain unchanged as a society. He surmised the impact would be far reaching.

And to this I will add: Minimize your stress as much as possible.

Be aware of other people and how you choose to show up in the world during this time. Are you really seeing the people in your community? Are you aware of anyone whose loved one is in “lockdown” in assisted/elder care facility and they cannot see them? This is hard for them.

Focusing on others and doing your best to love and serve them will help you feel better to do better.

What in your normal routine are now a luxury for you?

How do you think this will impact society even after this is social distancing is over?

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