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What Story are you Telling Yourself?

This story begins as all good stories do

Once upon a time

there was a woman named Alison.

She had a husband and 1 year old daughter.

Life was quintessentially good.

And still…

She was feeling numb.

She was feeling like she was just surviving.

She was feeling like she was going through the motions.

She had so many wonderful blessings but felt something bigger was out “there” for her and her family.

In a word she was feeling ok.

But she knew in her heart of hearts that “ok” was not a state to stay in.

Just “ok” is not a life goal.

She was reading books on real estate investing.

She was listening to positive podcasts.

She was meditating and doing yoga.

She was praying and listening.

Hoping and waiting.

And yet all that doing did not seem to be making a difference.

There seemed to be no way out of “just ok” mode.

Until one day she had a simple conversation with her husband about how she didn’t want to be a cog in a wheel anymore.

She wanted to learn alongside him.

She wanted to network at events he was going up to this point, solo.

She wanted to level up her partnership with her husband.

She would no longer “stay in her lane” and abdicate the work of accomplishing THEIR dreams solely to HIM.

She would no longer think her dreams did not matter.

Commitments were made to invest in a mentoring program alongside her husband.

And that simple conversation leading to a committed decision to level up their partnership changed EVERYTHING.

She now felt empowered to learn about real estate investing on her own.

She now felt more understood and seen in her marriage.

She now felt that working towards dreams within a partnership still means having individual goals.

She now realized that standing in her power was not something her husband would shrink from but something that would benefit him.

If you haven’t figured it out by now – I am Alison. The “she” in this fairytale. Only it’s not a fairytale. It’s real life.

What transformation is possible for you? What story seems to have a "no way out" right now for you? I promise you this is not the end.

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