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When you need to break up with yourself


Back in January I was doing some work with my soon to be coach. Yup, lost some of you right there. I am getting to “woo-woo” for you all.

It was the right time for me. It was the right fit.

She posed the question in the work we were doing in our group about writing (essentially) a breakup letter with anyone in your past or current life you needed to separate from.

I honestly struggled with this.

I did not have anyone I felt strongly enough that could be the “recipient” of this letter.

Then she said, “maybe it’s a part of yourself you need to break up with.”


Is this how this works?

I don’t know but here goes…

An Open letter to myself

-from January 2020

Dear Money-consumed/worry-ridden Alison,

You have taught me so much. Awareness and paying attention to money. How to budget and train my frugal muscles. You were such a necessary part of my life for so long.

But 2020 has no need of you. The time has come to part ways.

Worry & anger & fear over money, feeling like I can always do better, be wiser… that will not be welcome in 2020. This mindset & though pattern do not & will not serve me. They will not take me where I am going.

I am grateful for the conservative wisdom you have imparted to me but I know the muscles of growth, expansion and abundance need exercising in this decade.

I also see the muscles of how to create more (wealth, happiness, and abundance) are atrophying. They need an opportunity to be used in the next year & decade ahead.

May you prosper wherever you go & find someone else to help. Frankly, I have outgrown you. I know my needs and a ton of wants will be met by God my Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. His wealth is uncountable. And I know my position in his family. I am his beloved daughter.

I trust God. He does not fail me. Worry is not his calling on my life.

Sincerest wishes to you,


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