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Where are you finding investing opportunities?

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “opportunity is missed by some people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

This year, to me, opportunities have looked like not so much like “hard” work. But different work.

The unknown.

Uncharted territory.

They have been fuzzy, blurry, and changing.

And I honestly believe that opportunities are what we make of them.

So I challenge Edison and ask, "what if opportunity comes in a mini-skirt and neon lipstick?"

So here are my 3 hacks for seizing opportunities, in life, business and investing. Apply them as you will.

  1. See them – be open, aware and ready. If you are looking for overalls you might miss the one dressed in a mini skirt. Openness (with perimeters) is key.

  2. Seize them – action takers beat out sideline sitters any day.

  3. Submerse them – in your thoughts. You choose your thoughts. Want an opportunity to be the best opportunity of your life? Great. Once the decision is made what thought do you need to think to blow this out of the water? My thoughts are: “I am happy with my choice” and “this was the best decision.”

Tell me – what opportunities in 2020 looked “unusual” to you at first, but turned out to be spectacular?

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