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Who are you Becoming: Taking Intentional Time to Press Pause

At the beginning of 2020 my husband and I attended our first ever goal planning retreat as a couple. And as we all know the year 2020 looked nothing like what we had planned. On a global scale.

But I maintain it was one of our best years yet. Our earnings were down TREMENDOUSLY from our plan in January of 2020. Our business and real estate networking events were all DRASTICALLY different. And something as routine as going to the grocery or the playground with our daughter started to feel overly complicated.


We were the most committed to growth, flexibility and positivity that I have ever witnessed in our almost 8 years of marriage.

You cannot blame something as mundane and powerless as the marking of time, aka a YEAR as the reason you did not accomplish something, you are not happier or you are not who you want to be. That would be like saying, “well, its Wednesday and I never accomplish anything on Wednesday.”

Sidebar – I firmly believe what you speak you create. So be mindful. You are attracting what you think about and speak about most.

2020 and all the “unprecedented” things that came with it was the circumstance.

If you are letting your circumstance hold you back you will always find a reason you can’t do something, didn’t do something or it just was not possible.

Wouldn’t you rather always know you have a choice? A choice to choose a different thought, a more powerful belief. I would.

And again, in January 2021 I attended the Real Estate Guys Create Your Future goal planning retreat. It is hands down one of my favorite events they put on. It really has nothing to do with real estate. But what it does offer me is a 3-fold benefit: concentrated time to think, plan and envision with INTENTION what I want my life to look like.

So, the most important thing you can do is give yourself intentional time to think, plan and envision what you want your life to look like. Who am I becoming?

Even though its February 1st it is not too late to plan what you really want this year, in 5 years and for the rest of your life. And working with a coach for a goal planning session or two may be just what you need to ensure you make yourself and your happiness a priority.

Message me to connect if interested in a goal planning session.

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