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Why You Can Have All the Money You Want: 3 Takeaways from a 22-year Relationship

Money is all around you.

Do you really believe that?

Money is unlimited.

Do you really believe that?

Money wants to come to you.

Do you really believe that?

Truth be told, I have been in a relationship with money longer than 22 years. But I got my first W2 job at age 17 so that is the logic on timeline there.

We get money in exchange for the value (time, skill, expertise, etc.) we give our employer when we are a W2 employee. As soon as we are born, we start taking in the world in which we live and eventually (pretty early on) learning to relate to money.

We see and hear our parents and family handle money. Sometimes this is good, great, neutral, or bad.

Then we start having our own experiences with money. Again, these can be good, neutral, or negative.

Since money is used in exchange understanding the give and take aspect of relationships is key. Let me ask you this, if you were in a relationship with a person who did not value you much, told you that you were never enough and constantly worried that you were leaving them – would you stay and become MORE invested in that relationship?

I hope you gave a hearty heck, no!

Money is the same.

Here are 3 takeaways that have been essential in my money journey to attain a better, healthier and more balanced relationship with money:

Takeaway #1 – Money is all around you.

What do you see when you look at money or your bank balance? If you see lack, you will be in lack. If you see abundant and gracious provision, you will be in more abundant and gracious flow.

If money is all around then it can be easy to come by. You are not lacking in your unique skills, gifts, and abilities you can offer the marketplace and ask for an exchange of value to take place.

Years ago, I learned a vocabulary word.


Meaning: present, appearing, or found everywhere (Google Dictionary)

How are you doing in thinking of money as present, appearing and found everywhere?

Takeaway #2 – Money is unlimited.

I have heard that some people really struggle with success because they believe they are somehow taking too much of the “pie” and that is selfish. That by them succeeding and making a lot or more money they are somehow “robbing” another person of success or money.

Also, money can seem limited because your bank or credit card company will be quick to tell you when you are getting close to zero dollars of funds or credit available. We are kind trained to manage money like it is limited. The default is easy to develop.

I don’t believe that embracing the unlimited nature of money would or should cause you to live “above your means” and foolishly overspending. Spend on what brings you true and deep joy. Get clear on that and correct any areas where you are spending that does not align with what brings you joy. Not fleeting happiness but true joy and enjoyment in your life.

The power to the unlimited nature of money lies in possibility. You can always make, attract or earn more money.

Takeaway #3 – Money wants to come to you.

It wants to come to you. Can you let it? Are you good at receiving?

Sometimes out of “goodness” or “niceness” we can be not charging or under charging for goods or services we create and sell. This is a way of blocking when you could be receiving money.

Thinking money is hard, complicated or not “for” you will create that result in your life.

If you know and believe that money wants to come to you, it is good to be compensated for value you have provided, then you will be open. You will be ready.

A quick test to see where you are at in this arena is to ask yourself how good are you at receiving a compliment? Offers of help? Chances are high that if you struggle to receive in these areas you will struggle to receive the blessing of more money flowing to you.

I am curious to hear your thoughts. Which of these takeaways hits closest to home for you and why? Please share.

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